A Little Bit of Change and an Update.

Good morning friends!

I’ve been busy. Well not any busier than usual, just busy with different projects. Throw an active almost 9 month old into the mix and it’s a sure-fire recipe for being busy in a much different way than is normal.

When I started the “In A Mini Skirt” blog I was at a much different place in life than I am today. And if any of you are wondering why I called the blog “In A Mini Skirt”, it’s a reference to me channeling Betty Crocker, but since I was young, and cute and could get away with wearing a mini skirt, I deemed myself like “Betty Crocker, but in a mini skirt”. I was newly divorced, newly laid off due to the downfall in the economy finally hitting Montana, and trying to create a “brand” of t-shirts that were popular to a specific crowd. I traveled around, I dated, I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I lived life in a much different manner than I do today. I even found myself trekking to North Dakota for a job, a feat I’d have not done just 3 years prior.

A lot can change in almost 10 years. From getting married, to getting divorced and then to getting married again, to being jobless to being gainfully employed and then gainfully unemployed. From being highly creative, to loosing that part of myself and to slowly start regaining the spark to create, life has matured for me in ways I wasn’t aware of at times, and at other times extremely ready for the change. At one point in time I didn’t want children. The thought of bringing a child into my life was frightening and mind numbing. And it wasn’t because of me, it was because of my circumstances. I didn’t realize this until later, but when I actually sat down one day and thought about what I wanted in life and not what a “we” wanted, I realized that I’d made a dreadful mistake. I wasn’t me. I was plodding along, making due, grateful that I’d been “accepted” by someone only to figure out later that I’d lost myself in that acceptance. All of this has happened while I’ve been writing this blog, and for the last 3 years, this blog hasn’t fit all of me. There are parts of me that are here, but other aspects that aren’t. So I decided to make a change.

Elbert Hubbard Quote

I started another blog that will entail the parts of me that are missing from this blog. I’ll continue updating this blog with reviews, freebies, and other items that don’t fit in at the other blog. The new blog is Flour Sack Sweets, a lifestyle blog by Jenny DiOrio. I’ll be posting about food and DIY’s mostly, with a few family values mixed in. I’ll also have a shop area where I sell some of my DIY’s and other items as I regain my creativity. I hope some of you will join me there as I feel this separation of interests will allow people to read only what they are interested in.

Additionally, if you are interested in my design work, I’ve started a portfolio site at Jenny DiOrio, which houses my work, resume and information if you are interested in hiring me for a project.

I look forward to continuing to share with you all – either here or at Flour Sack Sweets.

Happy day!

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