A little bit of Christmas…

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Hello dear readers! How was your Christmas?

Mine was wonderful. Peaceful and restful. Thankfully, I was able to get most of my prep work done the weekend before and only had to cook and bake a few last minute dishes and sweets on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This is the first year we didn’t put a tree up, but we did decorate outside. I just couldn’t seem to get the energy pulled together to decorate a tree this year.

Anyway, I posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook of some Pizzelle cookies I baked for my dear husband. This is my third attempt at making them, and by far the best. These cookies are slightly thicker, however, I think this is due to the iron I use. Either way…the delicate anise flavor and crispiness of these cookies make them perfect for nibbling on while sipping a cup of espresso first thing in the morning.


[gmc_recipe 1532]

Do you have any traditional foods you make or bake during the holidays?

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  • Susan Hillyer

    The holiday continues! This recipe will be tried and tested this weekend! Thank you for the post!! You did such a great job; now to duplicate!! Susan Hillyer

    • http://www.inaminiskirt.com Jenny DiOrio

      I hope it works out as well for you as it does for me!