A “No Poo” update.

I’m a terrible blogger.

I’m not sure I can even classify myself as a blogger. I blog once a month, if that!


I read quite a few blogs, and I think part of the reason I don’t blog regularly is because I’m not sure I have anything of any real substance to add to the world.

Anyway, here’s the “No Poo” update.
I used the baking soda and apple cider vinegar for four months. I was happy with the initial results, but after about a month my hair started to feel “strawish”, so I altered the ratio of baking soda and vinegar. Still no change. At about the two month mark I didn’t have any changes in the amount of oil my scalp was producing, and frankly my hair smelled like vinegar. Not very attractive, and somewhat embarrassing since my husband mentioned it. It wasn’t as bad when I blew my hair dry, but I don’t like blowing it dry all the time as it seems to cause breakage and drying. And to any one who says “you need to use a heat product”, obviously doesn’t understand what a skin allergy is.

At about month three, (shortly after Christmas) I started to think of a solution for our upcoming vacation in February. I wasn’t going to be able to fly around with boxes of baking soda and jugs of vinegar, and frankly I was getting tired of smelling “odd”. It’s hard to explain the baking soda smell that was going on. It wasn’t offensive or anything, but it did smell “odd”. Mix it with the vinegar, and lets just say – I was starting to smell like a hippie/yuppie/granola.

So I found a solution, or so I had thought, in KenetMD shampoo and conditioner. But alas, no go. I sometimes wonder how something can be dermatologist approved, but cause me to have an allergic reaction, not unlike what happened prior to being diagnosed with the skin allergy.

So I’m back to Free and Clear shampoo. I am able to use Burt’s Bee’s about every third shampoo rotation, and I comb a conditioner into just the length of my hair, so as to keep it from touching my scalp. As least my hair smells clean, and I don’t have the urge to scratch my skin off.

Here’s a thought. One of many I have, but something I’ve been thinking of more regularly as I gain in older.

What effects are all these chemicals having on our bodies, our children, our lives, our world? I’m not saying that there aren’t things that I find necessary, but at the same time do we really need $250.00 skin cremes, or 10 different hair products just so we can attain societies “image”? What’s wrong with a few wrinkles? or patina?

There's nothing wrong with a little patina...

There’s nothing wrong with a little patina…


Enjoy your weekend!

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