A quick, very random, update

What’s new in your world?

Cold and snow for mine. I was just outside watering and feeding my dog, and I have a headache from the cold. Not my idea of a good time. I’m afraid to look at a thermometer.

After a recent foray into the Walmart in Williston ND, I ended up with these:

which I promptly turned into this:

The white center piece is a work in progress. I’m thinking about adding a coffee filter garland and putting it all on a platter. I just have to find the right platter. Would love to find an elegant white antiqued platter, but just haven’t found anything that sparks my interest yet.

My new winter boots:

The warmest jacket I have with me at the moment is my ski jacket from last year. I need a new one for this year. This photo just made me realize how “big” my calves are. Girl can’t win for nothing! HA!

For two days we had a thick fog surround us. Was sort of surreal and made me think a lot about the settlers in this country. Honestly, it was lonesome in all that fog! These photos are from the next morning when the sun was shining and everything looked fairytale white!

The trees were covered in a fine dusting of frost:

I ordered these for the Lodge and love them. I think they are the perfect fit for both men and women:

That’s about all that’s new here. I’m in search of a few new magazines to subscribe to. I’m thinking “Real Simple” and I don’t know what else. Any thoughts? Ideas? I want some design inspiration. I’m feeling a little stale out here at the moment.

Have a fantastic Sunday!

  • Weekend Cowgirl

    Love your winter photos. Cowboys and Indians is a cool magazine. Just talked to one of my Montana friends and it IS cold there this week!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah…it’s cold everywhere! I can hardly wait to get home, but it’s not looking like I’ll make it for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the magazine suggestion!

  • OMG your new boots are fab! What are they and were did you get them?! I need a pair…-40C this am around home, and all I have are chore boots. UGH! Great pick girlie!!

    • Anonymous

      The boots are from Lafuma – Kokta Boot. I got them off Amazon. LOVE them! Really warm and tall…which is nice in snow drifts!nnThanks for the suggestions on magazines – I’ll look up “Country Living/Home”.

  • P.s. I love Real Simple and Country Home (or Living) I can never remember which one is in regular print…let us know what suggestions you get!

  • beautiful stuff! love the toiletries!

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