An Open Letter to Costco – Why So Many Organics?

Dear Costco,

On a recent trip to a Colorado Springs Costco I bopped over to the frozen food section, because frankly, I love being able to purchase large bags of frozen veggies so that when I’m pressed for time I can throw some in my steamer and a healthy side dish is on the table in a matter of minutes. I’ve also got a ravenous 6 month old who I’m just starting out on this incredible journey we call food, and I want to feed him the same foods we are eating. For me, that means the safety of “conventionally” grown and raised produce, meats, and dairy. I live roughly 45 miles away from the nearest Costco, and my location is actually classified as a “food desert”. I’m sure you’re all aware of what those are. I add this, because shopping at multiple stores isn’t in my budget, isn’t plausible and frankly just doesn’t work.

However, I left the store sans veggies due to the fact that I couldn’t find a non-organic alternative. Every single frozen vegetable, and the fruits also, were organic. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having choices, but why don’t I get one also?

When I purchased my initial Costco membership, which incidentally I’ve upgraded from the $50.00 membership to the $110.00 membership, it seemed that if I wanted a conventionally grown product I could get that, as well as an organic product. Now, all my choices seem to be made for me and in this great land of freedom, this seems strange that you would pigeon hole yourselves into the mainstream media and Google University farmer or scientist hype of “organics are the superhero”. They aren’t! I’m concerned that my favorite warehouse has fallen prey to the large corporate organic producers that are bleeding the average consumer dry with their big talk and even bigger marketing of “safer”, “more nutritious”, “better tasting” “not harmful to the environment” food, when in all reality organic products aren’t better than their counterpart, they are just different.

I’m no scientist. Heck I’m not even a farmer who produces food for the masses. I’m a woman, with a husband, and a child and a brain. I also have a budget and the ability to research. I’ve been around farming and ranching since I was young. I know how milk gets to my glass and how corn gets on my plate. I thought I’d better give you a little background on myself, just in case I’m labeled a nut job because I’ve spoken out against the nations latest heartthrob, organic food.

I ask you, is this just a passing fad? Or is this your new norm? Can I expect to ever see frozen veggies that aren’t labeled organic, or should I start looking for friendlier competitors with which to take my hard earned coin? I’m already growing some of my own food, but dernit if I don’t love a little bit of the fabulous convenience you offer. Well that and the 90 rolls of toilet paper I can purchase for $12.00. And the fabulous pierogi that are sometimes offered. Oh and your diapers and wipes. I love ’em! So does my wee tot.

So in closing, my request is to politely, but ardently, urge you to start carrying some non-organic choices for your customers. Those of us who have been patrons for all our lives, either through a parent or grandparent, which for me is 20+ years and want to continue our loyalty. I’m just asking for a choice, because the thought of purchasing an organic product feels a little like I’m supporting a fear based marketing campaign, and frankly, I just can’t do that.


Jenny DiOrio

I'm on a STRICT diet, I don't EAT organic foods. I'm so glad I get to choose.

I’m on a STRICT diet, I don’t EAT organic foods. I’m so glad I get to choose.

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