#AngelBaby Car Seat Travel Bag – Review

I received this complimentary product in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no further compensation should you purchase using the link I supplied in this review. 


When we started out on this “having kids” journey we weren’t totally prepared for all the “stuff” that one can accumulate. We had planned to be as minimalistic as possible in our approach to baby items, gear and gadgets and for the most part I think we’ve succeeded . We don’t have a baby video monitor, or a high chair. I found that my food processor purees well enough to make baby food and we aren’t inundated with toys. We didn’t buy our son much for his 1st Christmas or any other holiday so far. Our reasoning for this is two fold. Reason one is that we want to move away from a materialistic lifestyle and be good role models for our children. The second comes from the fact that we have a smallish house, coming in at around 1,500 Square Feet of livable space, with little useable storage in the house. Our children will have to share a room.

We did have a few purchases that were made out of sheer desperation. Our son fell asleep to the vacuum on more than one occasion, but after my vacuum overheated once, and we ended up with a 50.00 bill to have someone reset it we thought we should invest in a white noise machine. We also ended up with 4 training cups, only to realize that the cheap “take and toss” cups work the best. Part of the learning curve I suppose, but sometimes we do silly things out of desperation.

Here’s something else silly. I was keeping all the boxes his carseat and stroller and various other items came in, thinking that I’d like to keep them nice and put them back in the box. And then I looked at how much room it was all taking up. A LOT! All those boxes ended up at the recycle bin. However, I still wanted something to store a few things in, like the infant car seat. I figured I’d be able to find a large enough bag somewhere to store it in, but I kept coming up short. And then I was given the opportunity to review the “#AngelBaby Car Seat Travel Bag“. (This link is NOT an affiliate link…I’ll not be compensated if you click the link.) I’m pleased with the bag so far as I’ve just been using it to store the infant car seat since we’ve moved The Boy over to a convertible car seat. It can also be used to travel with, however I haven’t yet done so. The bag is well constructed and has a couple different straps that can be used to carry the bag. The bag comes in its own carrying bag which is sewn to the bag next to the zipper.

#AngelBaby Car Seat Travel Bag - Review

#AngelBaby Car Seat Travel Bag – Review

I do have a concern with the cord and the cord lock or cord toggle and it’s ability to keep the bag closed. I am able to easily pull it down the cord after having it totally cinched up to close the bag. Not exactly something you want to have coming undone whilst traveling. It’s not a problem if you are just using the bag to store the car seat in, but could pose an issue when traveling. The other concern I have is that there is only one strap. It would be nice if there were two straps that could be used to carry this on your back. Either way you look at it, this is a bulky item that will probably not be comfortable to carry for any length of time. The fabric is thicker than other bags I’ve found and it was really easy to get a Graco Infant car seat and it’s base into the bag. There is still room and it seems one will be able to get a bit of a larger car seat into this bag.

#AngelBaby Car Seat Trave Bag - Review - Closeups

#AngelBaby Car Seat Trave Bag – Review – Closeups

All-in-all, this is a great bag. It’s got a few nice features and it’s construction seems to be sound. The ability to fold the bag back up into it’s own bag makes storage when not in use a breeze and I really appreciated that the smaller storage bag was sewn directly onto the large bag. Very handy. I did send the company a question regarding the cord toggle and the ability to continue to slide the lock, even when it’s in a closed or locked position. I’ll be sure to update this post should they return with any further information on the locking mechanism.

I received this complimentary product in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no further compensation should you purchase using the link I supplied in this review. 
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