Babies Don’t Care

“start rant”

What I’m about to say might be shocking to a few, and to others I might be going against modern baby “guru’s”, but I’m going to say it anyway.

Babies DON’T Care!

These idea of “wearing your baby” and making your own baby food, and cloth diapering aren’t new folks. Women have been doing just this for decades! And yes, I realize, I was born 100 years to late, but I don’t need to be told that using cloth diapers saves money, or that your baby can eat adult foods if you prepare it for them correctly. And wearing your baby, not so new either. Cradle boards carried Native babies, Inuit women used a parka called an amauti to carry babies and toddlers and still others have used a length of woven fabric.

Babies also don’t need fancy cribs and changing tables, or every butt cream known to man. They don’t need fancy clothes or designer shoes, and a $3,000.00 stroller made by Aston Martin certainly isn’t a necessity.

Babies don’t play poker on Friday nights and whine and complain that Mom and Dad didn’t buy them the duck tub and fancy schmancy crib sheet set with matching bumper, quilt, sheets, and dust ruffle.

All babies care about is that they are fed, they are dry/clean/warm and they are getting love and attention.

The rest of that crap is just that. CRAP!

“end of rant”

Baby's Don't Care

Babies Don’t Care

  • Stan Grace

    Refreshing bit of truth!

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