Barbeque Sauce…not just ketchup any more

Hi all!

I’m on the hunt for barbecue sauce recipes. I experimented with one on Sunday that was almost a total hit. I say almost because I think the recipe called for a bit too much vinegar. So much vinegar in fact, that the husband asked why the house smelled like dirty feet. Which I find interesting that he things vinegar smells like dirty feet. I’ve never really had that thought, but I’m not about to question his ‘smeller’. I used a basic mustard based barbecue sauce recipe and jazzed it up.

We are having a wedding reception in August, and the theme is…Well I honestly don’t know what to call it yet. It’ll be outside. With smoked, pulled pork and potato salad. And lots of cool, icy, drinks, many of which will be adult rated. And I’m creating signature drinks that represent the two halves making the whole and all that other lovey-dovey jazz. But the highlight of the party will be signature barbeque sauces. I think I have the mustard based sauce almost perfected. I’m currently working on a spicy sort of Jamaican version. I need two more styles of sauce to really round out the experience. Something mild and slightly sweet for the faint of heart and kiddo’s and something a little bit left field. Maybe something curry based?

So dear readers; suggestions? What works for you? How do you create a sauce? What are the key ingredients in a barbecue sauce? What’s a turnoff in a good barbeque sauce? What about whiskey in a sauce?

Any suggestions for ridding a house of the dreaded ‘dirty feet’ smell?


Enjoy your week!



  • I like to base my bbq sauce with brown sugar. u00a0Brown Sugar,u00a0Worcestershireu00a0 Sauce, and tomato sauce, with dried mustard, salt, pepper, garlic, and a hint of cayenne for heat. Good luck!u00a0

    • u00a0Do you think it makes a difference if one uses light or dark brown sugar? I hadn’t thought of basing it with brown sugar, but that makes the most sense with the garlic and dried mustard.

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