Bathroom Remodel

Two posts in one week. The sky is falling.

We are have been remodeling our “guest bathroom”. And like most folks, trying to do it on a budget. A very small budget. Miniscule, even. It’s taken us nearly a year to get it functional again. All we have left is touch up at this point.

The before. Let me just preface this by saying a few things:
1.)  The house was built by a contractor, from what appears to be “leftovers”. Apparently before Mike and I were married, the kitchen didn’t even have matching cupboards and counter tops and there was carpet everywhere. After a fitting in the kitchen came loose and flooded the house, Mike had laminate wood flooring installed throughout the kitchen and living room, and the cabinets all match as well as the counter tops.

2.)  It’s pretty apparent the builder tried to texture the house on his own, and had no clue what he was doing. The ceilings are “popcorn” and I utterly hate them. Also, there is a definite line between where the old texture meets the new texture after the contractor came in after the flood. The bathroom we are remodeling looks like someone flung a paint brush around and just splotched the walls with mud.

3.)  It’s on a slab foundation…enough said.

4.)  The roof isn’t sheeted, and the metal roof is nailed into 1 inch perlings, which means, because the duct work all runs through the attic, and the insulation that is in the attic is sub-par, there is a lot of condensation in the attic. Oh, and by the way, it’s not vented. It’s a lovely mess up there.

So without further ado, here’s a photo of the before:

Bathroom; Before

Bathroom; Before


And the after:


Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom; After

We still have some touch up to do, and I need to paint something onto the shower curtain. I’m also not going to use the red color for the towels, but for the most part, it’s finished. And frankly it’s 10 times nicer than our master bath.

Guess that’s a project for another year.

Take care!

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