Beyond Avoidance – #reverb10 – December 20th, 2010

Beyond Avoidance. What should you have done this year but didn’t because you were too scared, worried, unsure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing? (Bonus: Will you do it?) – (Author: Jake Nickell)

Go after something I really want.

I’m a coward. I say I want things, and I’m certain I work towards them, but if you don’t actually obtain them, or make them happen, can your really say you are working towards them? Eventually there has to be some kind of completion or goal met, so that you can create a new set of goals and work “towards” those with the end justification being to obtain those as well.

If you haven’t completed anything, and you’ve been in a perpetual state of “working towards” something isn’t that just a little bit lazy? Or hypocritical?

Guess I just feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. Maybe 2010 was my year of awakening and I’m just now realizing how much time I’ve spent “working towards a goal” that as of yet hasn’t been obtained and I’m sort of feeling like I’m lazy. Maybe I don’t want the goal enough? Maybe I’m not listening enough? Or trying enough? Or working hard enough?

Maybe I don’t really have a clue what it is that I want out of life? Maybe I need to spend some more of life taking a few more chances, seeing a few more sites, and making a few more decisions that push me outside of my lazy comfort zone? Maybe this years “Beyond Avoidance” is to say yes more often than I say no, try something new more often than stick with the old comfortable routine? Wear more dresses and makeup, and play in the snow and the sunshine more often. Maybe I really should learn to drive a semi truck and push myself to rope better? Maybe I should figure out how to play the stock game or gamble in Las Vegas?

Maybe I should step off the merry-go-round and embrace some new changes?

Maybe I should make an actual list of obtainable goals? You know. Write them down and post them somewhere for everyone else to see.

Maybe that list is what I’ve been avoiding all along, and in reality, that’s my first failure? Because if you make a list, and you don’t finish anything on it, that’s failure slapping you in the face.

Of course, maybe I’m just not very good at finishing things I’ve started?

  • I can be lazy/cowardly in fulfilling my goals too – but maybe writing and list and then fearing it’ll turn into a failure list will be a great motivator!

  • I feel this same way! There are so many ideas and things I want to do … but for me 2010 really felt a like a year of stagnation. I will be setting some serious, tangible and measurable goals for the new year.nnThanks for sharing!

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