Body of Change…

Yes – I’ve been away for quite some time. Well, not exactly away. Just busy. Insanely busy. So busy, in fact, that I haven’t created a new recipe in a year, sewn anything, painted anything, decorated anything, printed anything…and so on. My time has been spent working a full time job, living in a 1 room “cabin” in Tioga North Dakota, meeting my husband, getting married and moving to Calhan Colorado.

Yes – Calhan Coloardo. Yes – Married. Yes – Babies are possible within the next year.

Crazy; I know!

I’m ecstatic with the changes in my life and I cannot wait to get started building a life with my husband that will last FOREVER and be a nurturing, loving, happy home for future children.

Oh wait – You want to see some photos? I’m certain I can manager one.

This is one of our engagement photos. This was actually taken mere hours before the ceremony.

Photo taken by Wild Mountain Photography of Helena Montana










Meet Michael.

I’m a lucky gal!

(And yes, I do know I am. I’m pretty certain he’d say he was a lucky guy, too!)

And a photo from our wedding.

Photo taken by Wild Mountain Photography of Helena Montana


















So in a nutshell, my life has bloomed into something more than I ever imagined or dreamed of. Along with my marriage and moving to Calhan, I’ve gotten my creativity back and I’m working on setting up a studio in our home. I’ll post some pictures of the ‘before’, as soon as I find my camera!

I hope you’ll all join me!


  • Stan & Bessie

    Your future is great! A good attitude along with your talent and work ethic assure it. We are happy for you.n

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