#creativescentsstorageboxes and #creativescentsstoragebins – Review

A Little Bit of Change and an Update.

Good morning friends! I’ve been busy. Well not any busier than usual, just busy with different projects. Throw an active almost 9 month old into the mix and it’s a sure-fire recipe for being busy in a much different way than is normal.

Give the Gift of Craft for Valentines Day

This post contains an affiliate link. See below for details. Hello! Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Do you go big with a night out, fancy dinner, roses and gift exchanging? Or do you keep it small, with a family dinner and maybe a movie watched from the coziness of your couch? We are more inclined […]

New beginnings, possabilities, dreams, hopes and snow

Good Morning and Happy New Year! As I sit at my kitchen table this morning, looking out upon a skiff of fresh snow and crisp, clear skies, I’m reminded that today is not just another day. It’s not just another Wednesday, piggybacked on on a week just like any other day. It’s New Years Day. […]

Elegantly Rustic Bedrooms

I’ve been compiling photos of what I’d like to create for our master bedroom. What we have now is a Hodge-podge of mismatched furniture, no color, and nothing that makes it our space.

Do what your heart tells you to…Independence Day.

The same thought keeps running through my mind. Stampeding. Over and over. Incessantly. Screaming to be free.

Rustic “X” End Table – Ana White Plans

I can’t contain my excitement any longer. I’ve been lusting after these Rustic X End tables built by this lady, that I found on this website.

Knock the Cliché out of Western Weddings

What I’m about to say might get me tarred and feathered by the “Western Wedding” circles, but I’m saying it anyway.

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

I realize the “holidays” are over, but I couldn’t resist posting this photo from Rachel Ashwells Shabby Chic Couture.

Cabin Fever…Times 10!

I’ve got cabin fever. BAD! Maybe this’ll help cheer me up. And you as well, if you’re singing the “Cabin Fever Blues”.

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