Bathroom Remodel

Two posts in one week. The sky is falling. We are have been remodeling our “guest bathroom”. And like most folks, trying to do it on a budget. A very small budget. Miniscule, even. It’s taken us nearly a year to get it functional again. All we have left is touch up at this point.

Let the obsession begin!

Hello! Long time no blog. Since all of the readers of my blog are family or friends, everyone is probably aware that I’ve been pregnant, and subsequently had a child. Funny how that happens. One day your midsection looks like a pumpkin and the next, not so much. Sort of. You still have a pumpkin, […]

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Announcing…

Hello all! I have again, been deeply remiss in blogging. You won’t hold it against me to much will you? I dearly hope not.

Bucket List of a Montanan

Good Evening friends,

Late night visitors and early morning coffee.

I often find myself reveling in the simplicity of living on our “small” ranch. Joy and pleasure seem to be more heightened out here, mostly because everything around us is ours. There’s no house closer to us than 3/4’s of a mile and other than the traffic on the road in front of hour house, […]

New beginnings, possabilities, dreams, hopes and snow

Good Morning and Happy New Year! As I sit at my kitchen table this morning, looking out upon a skiff of fresh snow and crisp, clear skies, I’m reminded that today is not just another day. It’s not just another Wednesday, piggybacked on on a week just like any other day. It’s New Years Day. […]

A Week Without…

After being together for two years, I still get a lump in my throat, and a prickle in my eyes whenever the husband has to leave. Time doesn’t make it sting less, or make me stronger.

Do what your heart tells you to…Independence Day.

The same thought keeps running through my mind. Stampeding. Over and over. Incessantly. Screaming to be free.

Married to my own Dean Martin

Did I mention I marred my own Dean Martin? My husband, the darling, has to have background noise in order to fall asleep. Sometimes he’ll switch it up, but mostly he falls asleep to “Rio Bravo”, starring John Wayne, Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson. He’s got the timing down to a science, to the point […]

Review – DevaCurl

As many of you know, I’m on the hunt for a “shampoo” that doesn’t trigger my allergy and that actually leaves my hair clean. I’ve been using Free and Clear for about 7 years, and although it does an okay job, I am not exactly happy with the results. It also strips my hair of […]

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