Dating Whoa’s: The Saga. Whoa #1

About a week ago, while in deep twitter conversation, the idea of doing a “mini saga” was created and is now being put into fruition. Honestly, the idea of putting my dating life out their on the internet seems a bit, well, lame. Is anyone even going to think it’s as funny as I do? Am I the only one that asks myself the question…”What vibe am I sending off?” And if people think it’s funny are they just laughing at me? Or the guy? Or the whole scenario?

So, procrastination and second guessing being firmly pushed to the side, I bring you the first installment of “Dating Whoa’s: The Saga”. Whoa # 1.

I’m starting with one of the more recent date requests. I think I’ll digress into this meandering tale of whoa’s, that way I can really relive my past horrors.

Ball Cap. Seriously. I’m opening this story with those two words because frankly I don’t think it’s exactly my lucky penny accessory. Nothing good has ever come out of a date request, when I’m wearing a ball cap. I think from now on I’ll just wear a ball cap in order to add more stories to my already embarrassing list of “Whoa” date moments and keep the laughs coming.

On an idol Thursday evening in the early spring of this year, shortly after the closing of the ski hill and prior to the real start of fly fishing I decided I needed a few items at the local Target. Now, I don’t normally shop in Target unless it’s for beauty products or Giada De Larentiis kitchen products. Sometimes Target will have lower prices on items in other areas of the store that I may need, so I usually do a quick run through looking for lower prices, and this is how I found myself in the “Automotive” aisle, scanning the prices on car care products. Engrossed in my price comparisons, I vaguely realized the same guy had walked by the aisle four times and it wasn’t until his fifth trip past that I became aware of his scrutiny. Now, from a side view he was good looking, but had a bit to much of the shaggy boy look going on, even under the knitted ski hat. About this time I’m done looking at items in the automotive aisle, and move towards the beauty products aisle, and I can hear footsteps behind me. I start to walk faster and still, footsteps following me. I’m waiting for the scary Frankenstein music to cue, the lights to go off, and thunder to start crashing around me.

Eureka! I almost shout, upon reaching the Almay aisle. I figure I’m in the clear because not to many guys are going to be willing to be seen pacing the main aisle in front of the makeup aisle, right?

(to be continued…)

I’m leaving you with my version of Iced Tea.

(I’m not entirely and ogre and leaving you with no goodies after starting a story…)

Mini Skirt Iced Tea

1 quart size jar (Mason, Ball, Kerr…)
3 Good Earth Original Sweet and Spicy Tea and Herb Blend (DO NOT SUBSTITUTE FOR ANY OTHER BRAND OR FLAVOR OF TEA)
Hot water, almost boiling, but not yet boiling water
Cold water
Mineral water (San Pellegrino is the brand I prefer)

Place the 3 tea bags in the jar, leaving the tags hanging over the side. Make sure you have the proper lid and band for your jar.
Pour the hot water in the jar, filling three quarters of the way. Let the tea bag steep for about 3 minutes and then finish filling the jar with cold water. Put the lid and band on the jar and set outside in the sun for a few hours. Then, bring inside, remove tea bags and chill in fridge.

When ready to server, place ice cubs in a glass, and fill glass about 1/4 full of mineral water, and then add desired amount of tea. You may have to adjust this ratio to your tastes, but this is the ratio I prefer. I love the effervescence of the mineral water, and the clean sweet, spicy flavor of the tea. Enjoy!

Have a Mini Skirt of a Day!

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