Good afternoon!

Wondering if I’ve dropped off the face of the planet? Darn close! It’s been an extremely hectic, long, busy and fun past several weeks. I’m in Tioga North Dakota at the moment. Tioga is approximately 8 and a half hours from Helena. Basically…it’s a really long drive from my house.

This is where I’ve been for the past several weeks. Cook’n and clean’n and generally helping to keep the lodge running smoothly for 3 groups of waterfowl and upland bird hunters.

This is sort of the meeting/bar area of the lodge where everyone hangs out before supper and shoots the breeze. The lodge has a beautiful slate floor and lots of wood work. Very homey feeling.

Kitchen of course. This is a fantastic view of the rising sun in the mornings. I just love watching the color spread across the sky!

This is the living room. Again, another great fire place and lots of wood.

And that’s that. I’ve finally gotten into a bit of a routine now and have more free time so I’ll be posting again soon. The town of Tioga is definitely an interesting mix of agriculture and an oil boom. While here, I’ve had an interesting opportunity present itself so I’ve been really analyzing my life and my dreams and in what direction I want to head. Sometimes making adult decisions is so difficult.

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