Free eBooks…Design Sponge…Twitter

Free eBooks…Design Sponge…Twitter

This post is going to be a bit all over. I have lots of thoughts, but nothing for an entire blog post. Although, who said an entire blog post can’t be just one paragraph. I’m sure there’s no real rule as far as “length of blog post” and the blog police picking you up and handing you a whopping huge ticket for a “too short in a mini skirt” blog post. Yes, I fear, I’m rambling.

I found a site today that offers free eBooks. Thought this was great because they have a lot of web development books, and some big name titles. I am trying to teach myself CSS, PHP and I’d like to learn Joomla in the near future. I’m sure this site will have a few texts to get me started. There is also a section labeled “Others” and I found some interesting books there. Nothing I thought of downloading, but it may be helpful to some. Here is the link.

Also, will using Stumble! to pass a few hours today, I found this delightful site by the name of “Design Sponge”.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post it here. LOVE it! Here is the link! I’m certain many of you will find something of interest in this site.

Also, as many of you may or may not know, since I don’t really have any followers at this time (and I’m making you up anyway), that I own several companies. Nothing profitable, yet, but in time that is my hope. One of the companies is a t-shirt design company. I do custom work for clients, but I also have a line of my own t-shirts. UBetcha T-Shirts. I design western themed t-shirts with lots of attitude and plenty of style. So check us out on Twitter.

Have a great week!

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