Fridays Fun Finds!

I found a few fun things today on Etsy. Etsy is a gold mine! Anything and everything a cowgirl’s heart desires can probably be found on Etsy.

So to start…

I love paper. Or anything associated with it. And really, the varying textures, colors, and “feels” of paper is what draws me to it. I can spend all day in a paper/stationary store just looking and touching. I found this adorable Etsy shop today and just had to feature it. Reds Kitten. These mini albums are what caught my attention, but the whole shop is delightful.cowgirl_mini_albumretro_mini_album

Next is SummerHouseDesigns. If I had a little girl, I’d be buying from this shop on a regular basis. Adorable! The dress in the following photo is the one that roped me into the store, but any of the dresses are cute. This just reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and we all know how much I adore anything Laura Ingalls Wilder.FarmChick

I, myself, don’t usually wear earrings. I just feel that I have goofy ears and wearing earrings would make them look even goofier. However, I love these earrings. The little bit of vintage metal, with the turquoise stone…PERFECT! The shop is the Stone Wear Designs.vintageearings

And in closing…have I ever mentioned how much I love copper? Love it! I want to redecorate my kitchen, and use a ton of copper accessories when I do so. I even posted this blog about it. Anyway, this darling Etsy shop, Cowgirls are Forever, has copper! Copper jewelry isn’t something I see often in cowgirl fashion, and I think this really is a shame. It’s such a reflective, yet warm metal. Here are the two necklaces I’m drooling over.

Enjoy! I know I did! If you know of any other shops that carry any copper jewelry…please let me know!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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