Grilled Potatoes, Onions, and Yellow Squash in honor of National Potato Day

Today is National Potato Day, and next month is National Potato Month.

As a kid, we ate a lot of potatoes. They are one of those foods that the majority of people really like, and you can fix them in a variety of different ways. They are perfect for thickening soup or stews, and help keep growing kids full in between meals. I’m no food expert, but potatoes are a staple in my home as they keep well and regularly go on sale at the grocery store, and I use them a lot.

In A Mini Skirt Grilled Potatoes, Onions & Yellow Squash

Here’s my recipe for Grilled Potatoes, Onions and Yellow Squash.
And, as usual, these measurements are not exact. I hardly ever cook anything with exact measurements. That’s how I learned to cook.

2 or 3 red potatoes (you can use whatever you have on hand, doesn’t have to be red)
1 small onion
1 medium yellow squash
1 or 2 garlic cloves (use more or less depending on your preference)
flavored olive oil (my recipe will be at end of post)

Wash your vegetables. With veggies wash or with soap. Make sure to rinse well
Slice potatoes in 1/4 inch slices
Slice onion in roughly the same size rounds. Use as much or as little onion as you’d like.
Slice squash slightly thicker than potatoes and onions as they cook faster.

In A Mini Skirt Grilled Potatoes, Onions & Yellow Squash

On a piece of aluminum foil, place three pats of butter. Next, layer potatoes on pats of butter. Next layer onions, then squash on top of potatoes. Place three more pats of butter on top, and place garlic on either end of foil. Finally, drizzle with flavored oil and fold aluminum up into a tight packet. Place on grill at about 300° F. Leave on grill until potatoes are tender.

In A Mini Skirt Grilled Potatoes, Onions & Yellow Squash

Flavored Oil
This really is a huge cheater recipe.
Get one packet of “Herb and Garlic” salad dressing mix
3/4 cup olive oil.

Combine and shake/whisk/mix together. I keep this in the fridge, and use on a variety of foods.

In A Mini Skirt Grilled Potatoes, Onions & Yellow Squash

See those little browned bits on the side of that potato? That’s the absolute best part of this whole recipe. YUM!

Oh! Notice the crack in my counter top? That, along with the wretched outdated counter tops themselves, is why I’m redoing my kitchen. GAG!

  • YUM! I love grilled potatoes. I will have to make yours, and then next week when I get back from TX I think I’ll share my grilled potato recipe. Thanks for sharing your creativity in the kitchen!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll be looking for your recipe. I love grilling potatoes and have tried several variations. I can’t come up with a favorite! nnThanks for commenting!

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