Instrumental Lullaby CD for Babies – Review – #LullabyMusic


Good evening. I wanted to share a quick review with everyone because I’ve had great success using this C.D. as a nightly routine for our son. Frankly, up until about 3 months ago we’d been getting little to no sleep. The boy was up every 2 hours nursing, or crying and trying to get him to go to sleep was not fun. Actually, it was awful!

Enter this C.D.

Soothing! Relaxing! Fabulous! The guitar and the background sounds of the ocean are very repetitive and calming. It used to take up to an hour to get our little guy to sleep, and now we just turn it on, and 15 minutes later he’s out. Also, if he’s being a bit more diffucult during naps or just having a rough day I play this and it helps calm the whole household. Love this C.D.!

You can purchase the c.d. through Amazon. #LullabyMusic

I received this c.d. in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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