Late night visitors and early morning coffee.

I often find myself reveling in the simplicity of living on our “small” ranch. Joy and pleasure seem to be more heightened out here, mostly because everything around us is ours. There’s no house closer to us than 3/4’s of a mile and other than the traffic on the road in front of hour house, no one is accidentally pulling into our driveway, their lights aren’t reflecting right into our bedroom window as they circle by and unless they are coming to visit us, we don’t get many unexpected visitors.

Well except that one time when our bedroom door suddenly burst open and the lights flipped on, but at least we knew the intruder, and my husband wasn’t so alarmed that he immediately jumped up, pistol in hand, ready to take down the whole cartel… (which reminds me of the song “The Ballad of Ed Cantrell” by Brenn Hill).

Last night, however, we were visited by the El Paso County Sheriffs department, who was looking into a report of a possible DUI driver who had decided to pull into our driveway, and park at our house. It’s an odd thing to be woken up to someone knocking on your door, when you rarely ever hear anyone knock on your door. I wasn’t sure I’d actually heard anyone knock on the door, but upon walking out into the kitchen there were his headlights, headed back down our drive. I flipped the porch light on, and “gently” woke the husband stating that there was someone here. Pistol in hand, he walked out to investigate as well. The car left, and then turned around and came back. I’m thankful he did. It was a relief to know it was just law enforcement following up on a call as opposed to the alternative endings that were running through my brain.

Anyway, what I was thinking about while drinking my morning coffee was that one of our goals this year is to pay off one of our vehicles, and to sell our horse trailer. These changes will basically cover just over half of what I make…meaning half of what I bring home can go to paying off our other debts and get us closer to our plan of moving back to Montana. The power of prayer…is strong… the song below, is what has been running through my mind for several weeks. If you don’t know who Brenn Hill is, I suggest you take some time to listen. I haven’t yet gotten to see him live, but it’s on my bucket list of things to do.

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