Leftover Turkey Stew

Anyone else tired of turkey? I know I am. I’ve eaten more than enough turkey sandwiches for this holiday season.

Which, in the Mini Skirt world means…It’s time for Leftover Turkey Stew.
Which I, of course, freeze. And save for a later date, when I’m not wore out on turkey.


2 cups very strong turkey stock
4 cups water
Turkey – cut and shredded slightly
Sea Salt
Sweet Basil

Now. I don’t really have any measurements for this recipe because I tend to go by the “That looks like enough” method of cooking this stew. Okay, I’ll be honest. I go by this method in just about anything I cook. It’s just who I am.

Turkey stock.
I make my own. You can use chicken stock. To make my turkey stock I throw the turkey carcass in a big stew pot, add enough water to cover. I then add a little sea salt, a few dashes of sage, some thyme and sweet basil and I let this simmer until the water reduces by half, or about 2 hours. I then use a colander, and drain the “broth” out of the pot and throw away the leftover pieces. This is just my method. There are plenty of other choices and recipes out there.

Now, to make the Turkey Stew.
Pour turkey stock and water into a large stew pot. Add carrots, celery, onions and bring to a slow boil. Once boiling, reduce heat and add spices. Let simmer for 20 minutes. Add turkey. Simmer for 10 minutes. Add potatoes. Simmer for 20 minutes. At this point, if your stew hasn’t thickend, mix a little water and flour or cornstarch and slowly pour into stew, stirring while pouring. This can be a soup or a stew, depending upon your choice and tastes. I prefer a thick stew.

I let this cool, and then ladle into my food saver bags, and freeze.

When I need a quick meal this winter, I’ll just pull one of these bags out of the freezer, put a pot of water on the stove, add the bag of Turkey Stew, and bring the water to a boil and boil for 10-20 minutes. Perfect!

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