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Hello! Long time no blog.

Since all of the readers of my blog are family or friends, everyone is probably aware that I’ve been pregnant, and subsequently had a child. Funny how that happens. One day your midsection looks like a pumpkin and the next, not so much. Sort of. You still have a pumpkin, it’s just been decreased by about 30% the day after having given birth.

After 40 weeks and 6 days, baby Brand decided to grace us with his presence. Grace really is the key word here and I’m eternally grateful for modern medicine, an IV, an epidural, a c-section, and all. I went in for an ultrasound on Wednesday the 15th of October. The subsequent results of that were that my fluid was at 5.5, and my doctor gave me two choices. I could go home, drink a boat load of fluids and come back the next day and see if my fluid level had increased any. Or, I could be induced and we could start the labor process that day. Having to decide if you want to wait to have your baby or if you’d like to induce is a nerve wracking decision. Okay, so I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to go into labor, because I didn’t want to have an IV. And since the hospital didn’t give you a choice on the IV, I knew it was coming one way or the other. No happy about the whole “needle in my vein”, thing.

Long story short, I ended up going into labor on my own, but by midnight I hadn’t progressed past 80% effaced and three cm’s dilated. They decided to start the Pitocin and get labor going. The whole time I was in labor I was being monitored due to the low fluid levels. Listening to your child’s heartbeat is both wonderful and scary. While the Pitocin was being administered, Brands heartbeat would fluctuate, which was painfully witnessed by both myself and my husband. Excruciating. All night we went with having the Pitocin being administered to having it turned off, and no real results happening with or without it.

Around 7:00 A.M. my doctor came in and the decision was made to try with the Pitocin some more, but if I hadn’t given birth by noon, she was going to try to add fluid, in the hopes that this would relieve the pressure on Brand, and allow for a vaginal birth. Noon rolled around, and no baby. The straw of fluid was administered, and Brands heartbeat disappeared. Gone. COULD. NOT. BE. HEARD.

And for some reason, I was totally calm. Don’t get me wrong, I was worried, and scared, and freaked out, but this steady, calm feeling came over me. I remember at one point, whilst ten nurses came rushing in and they moved beds around, and unhooked and hooked up tubes and monitors and this massive flurry of activity is going on, looking over at my husband and I died a little. The look of utter panic, fear, worry and pain on his face caught me off guard and reminded me why I married this man. I’ll never forget looking at his face, and feeling the love he had for me and our child. Only one word really describes what I felt; Heaven.

We were whisked off to the O.R. and roughly 12 minutes later at 12:14 on October 16th, Brand made his appearance, the cord wrapped around his neck three times but healthy and alive. I had had an epidural at midnight, but for whatever reason I was in pain during the cutting part of the c-section so I was put totally under during the surgery. I missed out on seeing Brands bath, and getting to hold or see him right after he was born. I’m a little saddened by that, but not enough to dwell on it.

Especially, when this is the result…


Baby Brand

Brand – 2 Months

Isn’t he a doll. I’m partial, but of course I’m his mother so that’s to be expected. This is the best Christmas gift one could ever ask for.

We haven’t had a decent camera in several years, so about 2 weeks ago I purchased a new Nikon camera. This was my first attempt at using a camera not on automatic mode, and editing my own photo. Not to shabby for a beginner, I think.

All the best!


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