Meatloaf – the In A Mini Skirt Way

Meatloaf, the quintessential American family meal, full of memories, and accompanied by mashed potatoes, and green beans. Although, I’ve seen the green beans switched out for corn, asparagus, or peas.

What follows is my take on this homey meal. I like to serve mine with creamed potatoes, or sliced potatoes drizzled with butter and steamed green beans, or sweet corn.

This recipe requires some planning, as you need to have two separate meats thawed out. This is on my monthly rotation of evening meals. I always have all the ingredients on hand, because I make meals according to what is in my pantry. We usually eat it for one meal, have Meatloaf Sandwiches during the week, and I’ll freeze the rest for sandwiches at a later date. Although, this sometimes doesn’t work if my husband is extremely hungry and eats more than one portion for supper.

[gmc_recipe 1131]

Have a joy filled day!

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