Mock meat, you say? Not in this household.

Is it just me, or does the idea of making “vegetarian, vegan” meatless knockoffs of classic meat dishes sound a bit like an oxymoron? If the whole idea of eating a vegetarian or “vegan” diet is to capitalize on the love of vegetables, then why make a knockoff of a meat dish if you are trying to get away from eating meat. Can’t they just call it Veggie Loaf? Or better still, Lean Ground Beef Substitute Loaf as this recipe so charmingly calls for? Gag me with a spoon. I’m even more appalled that there is something called “Lean Ground Beef Substitute”. Really? REALLY? You miss ground beef so much that you have to come up with a product that emulates it? Just call it pulverized soy, gluten and vegetables and sell it as is. (I’m guessing this would be tofu in some shape or form) Don’t add food coloring, and form it to look like ground beef.

“Vegetarian meat is usually a store-bought frozen or refrigerated food made from soy, gluten, vegetables or a combination of those three main ingredients. The vegetarian meat is shaped, prepared, spiced and colored to resemble real meat.” Explanation found here, by

I did a Google (I almost typed “Lougle”. Name that move?) search for “vegetarian beef meals”. I figured if I specified the type of “meat” I was looking for I’d have less results. 17,500 results. WHAT? Lemme say that again. Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred results. Now true, I’m sure there are duplicates. But still. 17,500. Here’s the proof…

Search for Vegetarian beef recipe results

Search for vegetarian beef meals results

Now, I’m sure there are purists out there, who don’t use the vegetarian meat substitute, but there has to be a sizable number of the vegetarian, vegan population who are using the mock meat product for there to be multiple brands and recipes on the market. I’m all for food choices, but don’t go touting a vegetarian knockoff meal of a down home comfort food like meatloaf and think this is somehow legit. Call it what it is!

Or call it beet loaf, if that’s the vegetable you’ll be using, but keep your hands of my MEATloaf!

What are your thoughts?




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