Moment – #reverb10 Prompt – December 3, 2010

Today’s prompt from #reverb10 is – “Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)”

I’ve been dwelling on this all day. Honestly, I haven’t felt truely happy in several years. Life just hasn’t played nice. Between a divorce, the subsequent loss of the majority of my friends,  having my life turned upside down, the loss of my job, being diagnosed with an allergy that drives me crazy, and family issues it’s been a rough couple years. Picking a moment is difficult.

However, having accepted a job in North Dakota, I’ve been able to spend several hours in the saddle and on the back of a really agile horse. Who’s trained on a bosal, and who’s cowy. Just love that feeling. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed or even had the chance to get on a good horse. My life the last several years has been pretty restricted to work and when I’m on the farm we don’t use horses. We’ve had to downsize our cow herd substantially and with that went our horse herd as well. Signs of the times.

The moment I’m going to pick is when I first met “Mick” and that feeling of “oneness” you get when you connect with a horse and it just feels right.

Mick’s owner is my bosses nephews. He’s owned him for several years. Mick is 6 years old and a bay. Kind of blond colored bay. The day we went over to pick Mick up was a warm day in October, no wind, still sunny and bright out in the early evening. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting Mick to be much. This stems from having ridden lots of horses on lots of different ranches, and by the time they are this age, they’ve been ridden by so many different people that sometimes they are a handful. Every horse has their own quirks, mannerisms, and personalities and sometimes you just don’t blend well together. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t usually work together to get a job done, so that’s what I’m used to having to do. Work together to get the job done.

Mick is… well… different. We blend. The minute I walked up to him I could feel it, and I’m pretty sure he could to. I could see it in his eyes, that soft doe look that a horses gets when they are comfortable and want you to touch them. The relaxed, bright eyes and soft nose nuzzle are really all it takes to make a person melt. Being around Mick reminds me of the many reasons I love this lifestyle and I just can’t seem to be away from it, no matter how much life pulls and turns and twists me in so many ways. Having Mick in my life now is so poignant and bitter sweet. He’s the type of horse I’ve always wanted. The kind I can ride, and learn from and with and frankly just connect with. So in reality, I don’t have just one moment that has made me feel alive lately, because every chance I get to spend with Mick is an alive moment.

Some things…just are!

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