Puddin’ Pie

Sometimes, you just have to make pie.

And when it’s hot out, icebox or a frozen pie is usually what calls my name. This creamy, icy, simple dessert, with coconut and pistachio pudding is what I opted for. Or rather, what was quick, and I had all the ingredients for. And frankly, I’m not sure if everyone makes their pistachio pie the same, but it seems that every recipe is the same. I’ll post mine as well, but it’s certainly not much different than the majority of the recipes I’ve found.

[gmc_recipe 1220]

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend. It seems like the farther I get from 20, time no longer drifts lazily by…it blows past you like a freight train.

P.S. It’s official. As soon as I have money saved up, I’m buying another Nikon camera and I’m teaching myself how to take photos. I did a decent job with my Nikon 5000, but this Sony CyberShot just isn’t working for me. Or maybe I really am that terrible at taking photos.

Worst photo ever...

Worst photo ever…



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