Rueben Sandwich – My Way!

Ruben Sandwich - The "In A Mini Skirt Way"

Ruben Sandwich – The “In A Mini Skirt Way”

Today’s post is a quickie. Mostly because I’m not feeling well, and because I haven’t posted in ages and I’ve been meaning to post this for some time. But anyway, back to my insane love of Russian Sauce. Which seems odd when paired with a Rueben sandwich, but it’s so perfect. So creamy. So “hit-the-spot”, that I just don’t seem to have any other words to describe how I love this sauce.

The cast of characters.

Rueben Sandwich Cast of Characters

I some how forgot to photograph the sauerkraut and the garlic. Mostly because the ‘kraut was on the stove in a pan of melted butter, warming up. Must use warm ‘kraut! Oh, and by the way, that is wild horseradish in the jar. YUM! And I forgot the garlic until I looked at the bowl and said to myself, “Something’s missing?”.

I’m only including the recipe for my version of Russian sauce, and the proper layering of my version of a Rueben sandwich.

Russian Sauce

Hot Sauce
Dill pickles, or dill pickle relish
Worstecshire sauce
Horseradish sauce
Sour cream
Lemon juice
Red Onion

No clue on actual measurements. I think it’s about 3/4 of mayo and 1/4 or the sour cream. Couple tablespoons of horseradish sauce and lemon juice. Couple teaspoons of red onion, garlic, hot sauce, dill pickles and Worcestershire sauce.

Mix it all in a bowl and set aside. Sometimes I add a little ketchup because I like that little bit of sweetness, and sometimes I don’t. Depends on your individual taste.

Now, the key to a good Ruben is all in the layering.

Warm the corned beef in a pan just so it’s warmed through. You start out with Rye bread. I like seeded rye bread but that’s just me. Take a 2 slices of bread, slather them with Russian sauce. Put a piece of Swiss cheese on the bread, and then slather the cheese with Russian Sauce. Place a piece of corned beef on top of the bread, and then slather the corned beef with Russian Sauce. I usually add a couple red onions and then the ‘kraut and then a layer of Russian Sauce. Add another piece of corned beef, and then you guessed it…slather it with Russian Sauce. (See the pattern?) Add a piece of swiss cheese. Add the 2nd piece of rye bread and place on top of the cheese to form a sandwich. Now, butter one side of your sandwich, and place in a prewarmed pan. While that side is cooking, butter the other side. By the time I get it buttered, it’s time to flip the sandwich. Do that. And then I have a sandwich weight, but you can use a plate and a smaller sized lid to lightly press down on your sandwich. You want it all to melt together and get gooey!

Remove from pan, cut, and serve with extra Russian Sauce for dipping.

Ruben Sandwich - The "In A Mini Skirt Way"

How do you make your Rueben Sandwich? What sauce do you use? I wanna hear from you!

I’m dying to hear from you!

Well okay, so I dunno about the dying part. Being sick sometimes makes me melodramatic.

And needy!

Have a fantastic week!

  • Jennifer

    now i want to make this!

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