Sick of it!

Lets just call a spade a spade and bring out into the open a dirty little fact…

Food is food.

Interesting, eh? Ground breaking, even.

We gain nutrients from the food we eat, and in order to live, we need to feed our bodies with nutrients.

So it doesn’t matter if you eat beef and potatoes, organic, vegan, raw, or any of the other “labels” that are flying around today…YOU ARE STILL EATING!

Potentially you are eating food with trace amounts of synthetic fertilizers, or you’re eating food with trace amounts of chicken shit, either way…it’s still “shit”.

I’d think we’d be more concerned with the number of people who don’t properly wash their produce, or cut meat on the same cutting board as their veggies, or don’t do even the simplest of food preparation rules… IE; WASH THEIR HANDS… then we would be about the labels we use to downgrade our neighbors FOOD consumption.

I’m sick to death of reading about how one person spends $200.00 a month on groceries for a family of six, and they are labeled “The Deveil” because they aren’t buying organic… All organic means is they spread chicken shit across the field and are charging you $1.50 more for it. It’s a LABEL! If you want the real deal, plant your own garden, and don’t dump shit on it.

But enough with the label bashing, finger pointing, loud mouthed screaming.

You choose what’s best for you…and let me choose what’s best for me. In the end, we are all gonna die one way or the other.

And if you are interested in making something, where food is just food, maybe you should give my beef pot pie a try or my cranberry pumpkin cookies.

On a side note. I noticed on Pinterest one day that a post had been pinned, entitled, “Raising Compassionate Children”, and out of sheer disbelief I took a look. It was a “How-To” on raising a compassionate child. I mean really…we have to have “How-To’s” for raising compassionate children? Shouldn’t this be a no brainier? Because where I come from, you lead your children by example, and you treat others the way you want to be treated. I’m pretty sure, that if you are compassionate, so will your children be. And if you aren’t, then good luck with the “How-To”.

I’m excited for winter…so I leave you with a snowy photo.


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