Instrumental Lullaby CD for Babies – Review – #LullabyMusic

#Mamawayus Ring Sling – Baby Carrier – Review

I was given the opportunity to review the #Mamawayus Ring Sling Baby Carrier.

4 Months of Joy

Good Morning! I’m having a hard time believing that just yesterday my little Bubby turned 4 months old. I haven’t really been obsessing over the fact that each day he’s getting older, but it does bring a tear to my eye to think we are at 4 months already. *sniff*

Let the obsession begin!

Hello! Long time no blog. Since all of the readers of my blog are family or friends, everyone is probably aware that I’ve been pregnant, and subsequently had a child. Funny how that happens. One day your midsection looks like a pumpkin and the next, not so much. Sort of. You still have a pumpkin, […]

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Announcing…

Hello all! I have again, been deeply remiss in blogging. You won’t hold it against me to much will you? I dearly hope not.

Babies Don’t Care

“start rant” What I’m about to say might be shocking to a few, and to others I might be going against modern baby “guru’s”, but I’m going to say it anyway.

Sometimes, you just gotta do…what you gotta do…

That about sums this day up. I’m going to think twice from now on, about sticking around to help my brother with the screaming monkey. Okay, so really, I usually stick around for awhile to help out, because I know he’s not 100% comfortable with watching her.

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