Rueben Sandwich – My Way!

Beef Pot Pie – This ain’t yo’ mamma’s recipe!

The Evolution of Online Agvocacy

Sorry! I’m on a bit of a video kick it seems. Just wanted to share this video with all of you. And yes. I realize. The three people that read this blog have probably already viewed this video. *sigh* I SO wanted to be unique!

Hat? Check! Coat? Check! Meatless lunch on Monday? WHAT THE???

I’m sure many of you have heard of the phenonmenon that is sweeping the nation called…”Meatless Mondays”.

Cubed Bottom Round Steak…the “In A Mini Skirt” way

Beef and Bow Ties

This recipe is a true experiment. It’s basically goulash, but kicked into a bit of a heat overdrive. I’ll have photos for this at a later day. It’s to dark tonight to take any.

Virtual Soup Recipe X-Change. Beef Style!

Burger Patties…cooked to 160ºF

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