Copper Hue’d Christmas – Part 1

Good Morning! I meant to post this yesterday as part of the ongoing “Copper Hue’d Monday’s” series, but I was so wrapped up in looking at all the copper on Etsy, I ran out of time.

My participation in #reverb10

Good Morning! How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine…was wonderful. I made the trip home and spent the holiday with family. Was so very nice to recharge my “family” batter and see everyone. My niece has grown so much, and it really breaks my heart that I don’t get to watch her every day. Some sacrifices really […]

Mid-Week Copper Porn

I couldn’t resist using the word porn in this heading. It just seems so fitting. Came across this bag on ebay, and fell in love with it. Delicious!

Copper Hue’d Mondays

Good Morning. It’s Tuesday, and I’m a day behind. But! BUT! I have a fantastic story I’ll be sharing with you all tomorrow, which is why I wasn’t able to post my “Copper Hue’d Mondays” yesterday, on Monday.

Copper Hue’d Mondays

Bars. And yes, I mean the kind you belly up to after a rough weeks work, and sip a few cocktails. Or share a family meal with will sitting at the breakfast bar.

Copper Hue’d Mondays

Happy early Monday! I know you all wanted to think about Monday a day earlier than you have to, right. Nothing like getting a head start on another week of your own making.

Copper Hue’d Monday

Monday! I really sort of enjoy Monday’s because they mean I can have some say in determining how the rest of my week will go. Monday’s really are fantastic for starting out on the right foot.

Copper Hue’d Mondays

Copper. I can’t get enough of this color or this metal. In fact, I’m redecorating my kitchen in a white, aqua, copper scheme and will post before and after photos as a blog post soon. I’m enthralled with the warmth of copper and it’s versatility. The simple fact that it patinas to such fantastic green/blue/cream/white […]

Fridays Fun Finds!

I found a few fun things today on Etsy. Etsy is a gold mine! Anything and everything a cowgirl’s heart desires can probably be found on Etsy.

Dream Kitchen…Modern Retro-fication

Okay, so I’m a closet interior decorator/designer. Really. I am! Who isn’t though? I’m working on updating my kitchen. It’s been taupe and white for…well…forever. I’m not going to do anything crazy because it’s such a small space, but I’m going to go a little wild. Robbins Egg Blue, Retro Red and Copper. I know, […]

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