Fur! I love the the idea of using furs in decor. Furs add just the right amount of rustic elegance to any room.

Cabin Fever…Times 10!

I’ve got cabin fever. BAD! Maybe this’ll help cheer me up. And you as well, if you’re singing the “Cabin Fever Blues”.

Make – #reverb10 – December 6th, 2010

December 6 – Make – What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? – (Author: Gretchen Rubin)

A quick, very random, update

What’s new in your world? Cold and snow for mine. I was just outside watering and feeding my dog, and I have a headache from the cold. Not my idea of a good time. I’m afraid to look at a thermometer.

Logging a Little Inspiration…

After having posted the “Before” photos of the quonset hut remodel, I thought it was time I post a few of the photos I’m using as inspiration for the joint. Get it…Joint. Like log joints? Okay. Well I thought I was funny anyway.

Copper Hue’d Mondays

Good Morning. It’s Tuesday, and I’m a day behind. But! BUT! I have a fantastic story I’ll be sharing with you all tomorrow, which is why I wasn’t able to post my “Copper Hue’d Mondays” yesterday, on Monday.

Facelift…Faceoff…Surgery Optional.

It was time for a change. I’d been working with the same tired blog design for quite some time, and lets face it, as much as I loved my demure little gal, it was time to move into a new direction. I shall always be the “In A Mini Skirt” girl, I’ll just be a […]

Change. Why? Because I wanna!

Good morning all! I’ve been away from the blog, and other facets of my internet exsitance, mainly because I’ve re-launched the UBetcha Apparel website and mainly because I had to do some soul searching. I didn’t want this blog to be stagnate, but frankly I haven’t had anything exciting with which I felt like writing […]

UBetcha Apparel – “Story Behind the Design…”

I’ve been debating with myself for the better part of a week which design I should start the “Story Behind the Design…” Series with. In an earlier post I gave a brief history on UBetcha Apparel and mentioned I’d write about each individual design, one at a time. Here’s the first installment.

UBetcha…Of Course!

As I’ve mentioned on a few other occasions, I own a company by the name of UBetcha. I just recently started adding the word “Apparel” because without it, who knows what UBetcha really is, and I wanted to have a direction with which to work from as well as towards. Who’s to say UBetcha won’t […]

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