Hat? Check! Coat? Check! Meatless lunch on Monday? WHAT THE???

I’m sure many of you have heard of the phenonmenon that is sweeping the nation called…”Meatless Mondays”.

Modern Agriculture – CropLife America

Ever wondered what the future of food will be? Have a look and then go visit CropLife America

Copper Hue’d Mondays

Copper. I can’t get enough of this color or this metal. In fact, I’m redecorating my kitchen in a white, aqua, copper scheme and will post before and after photos as a blog post soon. I’m enthralled with the warmth of copper and it’s versatility. The simple fact that it patinas to such fantastic green/blue/cream/white […]

Beef and Bow Ties

This recipe is a true experiment. It’s basically goulash, but kicked into a bit of a heat overdrive. I’ll have photos for this at a later day. It’s to dark tonight to take any.

Harvest Quiche – Zucchini Squash Recipe

Continuing on with my Harvest based recipes I bring you… Harvest Quiche

Support Oink & Call it H1N1

Call it H1N1…That’s all I gotta say!

UBetcha Apparel – “Story Behind the Design…”

I’ve been debating with myself for the better part of a week which design I should start the “Story Behind the Design…” Series with. In an earlier post I gave a brief history on UBetcha Apparel and mentioned I’d write about each individual design, one at a time. Here’s the first installment.

UBetcha…Of Course!

As I’ve mentioned on a few other occasions, I own a company by the name of UBetcha. I just recently started adding the word “Apparel” because without it, who knows what UBetcha really is, and I wanted to have a direction with which to work from as well as towards. Who’s to say UBetcha won’t […]

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