PIN to the POST, not the BLOG!

Hello all, I have to get something off my chest. Please bear with me. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Pinterst-peeve to be exact!

Iron Horse Jeans – FOR SALE!

Good evening all! I have several pairs of Iron Horse Jeans that I’d like to sell. Brand new, never put on the shelf, never tried on… These are some of last years stock that I need to get rid of. These are fantastic jeans, and very fashionable. I love the 8 pair I have…and if […]

1st Total Outfit with My 1st Big Check

Mid-Week Copper Porn

I couldn’t resist using the word porn in this heading. It just seems so fitting. Came across this bag on ebay, and fell in love with it. Delicious!

Miranda Lambert hair cut … or not … Gimme your opinion…


Found an interesting site today. I didn’t have a lot of time to search through all the shops, but I did want to post this super cute little black dress and butterfly top from Mixie.

Fridays Fun Finds!

I found a few fun things today on Etsy. Etsy is a gold mine! Anything and everything a cowgirl’s heart desires can probably be found on Etsy.

UBetcha Apparel – “Story Behind the Design…”

I’m going to feature the “Prairie Princess” design in today’s installment of “Story Behind the Design…”. This is actually a bit of an embarrassing story of a trip I made to Cody Wyoming April of 2008. Embarrassing, because I drank 1 to many “chardonnays” around people I’d never met, which I have a rule against […]

UBetcha…Of Course!

As I’ve mentioned on a few other occasions, I own a company by the name of UBetcha. I just recently started adding the word “Apparel” because without it, who knows what UBetcha really is, and I wanted to have a direction with which to work from as well as towards. Who’s to say UBetcha won’t […]

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