Sick of it!

Lets just call a spade a spade and bring out into the open a dirty little fact… Food is food. Interesting, eh? Ground breaking, even.

Barbeque Sauce…not just ketchup any more

Hi all! I’m on the hunt for barbecue sauce recipes. I experimented with one on Sunday that was almost a total hit. I say almost because I think the recipe called for a bit too much vinegar. So much vinegar in fact, that the husband asked why the house smelled like dirty feet. Which I […]

Rueben Sandwich – My Way!

Dating Whoa’s: The Saga. Whoa #2

This Dating Whoa was all me.

Great Depression Recipes – 1929 Depression Casserole

So for the new year, I’m researching recipes from the Great Depression. And yes I realize that Clara has a corner on the market with her recipes, video’s and stories of what it was actually like to live during the depression. I can’t compete with that. And I’m not about to try. I just want […]

The Evolution of Online Agvocacy

Sorry! I’m on a bit of a video kick it seems. Just wanted to share this video with all of you. And yes. I realize. The three people that read this blog have probably already viewed this video. *sigh* I SO wanted to be unique!

Hat? Check! Coat? Check! Meatless lunch on Monday? WHAT THE???

I’m sure many of you have heard of the phenonmenon that is sweeping the nation called…”Meatless Mondays”.

Modern Agriculture – CropLife America

Ever wondered what the future of food will be? Have a look and then go visit CropLife America

Cubed Bottom Round Steak…the “In A Mini Skirt” way

Beef and Bow Ties

This recipe is a true experiment. It’s basically goulash, but kicked into a bit of a heat overdrive. I’ll have photos for this at a later day. It’s to dark tonight to take any.

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