Dating Whoa’s: The Saga. Whoa #2

This Dating Whoa was all me.

Spring Out

I have spring fever, along with cabin fever and sushi fever. *sigh* So, in the guise of perking myself up, I’ve created this new outfit to work towards purchasing.

Great Depression Recipes – 1929 Depression Casserole

So for the new year, I’m researching recipes from the Great Depression. And yes I realize that Clara has a corner on the market with her recipes, video’s and stories of what it was actually like to live during the depression. I can’t compete with that. And I’m not about to try. I just want […]

All American Cowboy…

Yeah…so normally I don’t listen to a lot of pop… But this is just fun to listen to while getting ready for a big night on the town.

From the Back of a Harley…

Labor Day, September 7th, 2010.

Copper Hue’d Monday

Monday! I really sort of enjoy Monday’s because they mean I can have some say in determining how the rest of my week will go. Monday’s really are fantastic for starting out on the right foot.


After finally making it through Davie Airey’s “ABC URL” list (which, by the way, was fantastic) I’ve decided to create my own list. The idea is to type just a letter in your browser’s address bar, then list the first URL that appears.

Virtual Soup Recipe X-Change. Beef Style!

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