A “No Poo” update.

I’m a terrible blogger. I’m not sure I can even classify myself as a blogger. I blog once a month, if that!

Part 2

It’s been exactly a week. So far, success! I’ve washed my hair every other day as usual, using the baking soda and water recipe I posted last week. The mixture I made last Saturday seems to have been a little strong, so as I’ve used the mixture up I’ve added a bit more water to […]

Barbeque Sauce…not just ketchup any more

Hi all! I’m on the hunt for barbecue sauce recipes. I experimented with one on Sunday that was almost a total hit. I say almost because I think the recipe called for a bit too much vinegar. So much vinegar in fact, that the husband asked why the house smelled like dirty feet. Which I […]

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