To use or not to use… Part 1

To use or not to use…Part 1

I really hate to waste things. Sort of makes me want to cry. Unfortunately, as far as food is concerned, it’s difficult to know when something is safe to eat or it’s better to throw it out. Things in the fridge, I throw when they get a couple weeks past their “Use by date…”. All of those “Use by date…” and “Sell by date” can sometimes be confusing. So I did a google search and tried to find a good reference site to help with the issue. This is what I’ve found.

Best if used by and use-by date: This basically means that the product will start to deteriorate after this date, but will probably still be good for awhile after the date has passed.

Expiration date: If you haven’t used the product by this date, toss it.

Sell-by or pull-by date: This is usually used by a store as far as a “get rid of this item” date. Milk, for instance, has a sell by date, but is still probably be good to use for roughly a week after this date.

Guaranteed fresh: This is usually used on baked goods, and is guaranteed fresh up until this date. Item is still probably good to eat after this date has passed for at least a couple days.

Pack date: This is when the item was packed/canned. These items are usually good for roughly 6 months after the code that is stamped on the can.

Peach can label

Peach can label

To be continued…

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