UBetcha Apparel – “Story Behind the Design…”

I’m going to feature the “Prairie Princess” design in today’s installment of “Story Behind the Design…”. This is actually a bit of an embarrassing story of a trip I made to Cody Wyoming April of 2008. Embarrassing, because I drank 1 to many “chardonnays” around people I’d never met, which I have a rule against doing, and I vaguely remember modeling my tee’s in front of a bar room full of people. But alas, I digress…

Prairie Princess is actually the product of a bar room conversation with two great gentleman from the great state of Wyoming. While I was in Cody, I was desperately trying to pimp UBetcha Apparel at the time, and if any of you know me, you’ll know I’m relatively reserved, so pimping my t-shirt line has been a challenge for me. However, every day I get better, and for this I’m thankful. I attended a c.d. release party in Cody in April of 2008 at the Irma Hotel. I knew NO ONE! Not a soul. Boy did I feel like more like an amazon woman then ever in my life. And me calling myself an Amazon woman is really just me saying I felt terribly out of place, tall, and freakish! Yike! So anyway, there I was, in all my Amazonish glory, trying desperately to chock down my nervousness and strike up a conversation with a group of people sitting at a table kind of in the corner of the room. One of the gentleman at the table was wearing a leather fringed frock coat and I thought maybe he was an extra for a movie or something. If I’d only known…

I take a deep breath, a swig of my crown and coke, and step towards the table…asking at the same time “Do you all mind if I join you?” Emphatic “Have a seat!” & “No we sure don’t mind” answers resound around the table and I sit down. A couple questions into the conversation I find out that one of the gentleman is Chris Turner (Ted Turners son…if my memory serves me right) and Ed Phillips who’s part of the Cody Nightly Rodeo. Great guys to strike a conversation up with. Chris Turner hosts a radio show on Saturday mornings from 9-10 in the Irma Hotel called Comfort Food. Unfortunately, when I looked the radio show up for this post, it looks like it’s on a hiatus. Which is much to bad, since it really is a funny show. I certainly hope they’ll be able to find sponsors again soon. So I chat with them during the launch party and get information about Cody and some great history.

The launch party sort of breaks up with everyone going to the bar area to listen to the artist sing some of his songs. I find myself seated at a table with several towns people and several people from the launch party…and they are all giving me ideas, advice and just generally helping me with UBetcha Apparel and ways to market the company. However, the drinks keep flowing. Crown and Coke number 2 goes down pretty easy, as do 3 and 4. So by the time number 4 is gone, I’ve got 2 more lined up, plus a shot. Now this post isn’t meant to be about my drinking habits, but frankly, when you have that many people buying you drinks, how do you turn them down? I’m not really certain how to politely not accept them, especially when they are already on the table in front of me. Somewhere along the line the word “Princess” is being used to describe me and women of the west and then “Prairie” is thrown in there and Ed comes up with “Prairie Princess”. I can’t remember the specifics, but I did write “Prairie Princess” down onto a business card, and that’s how it came into existence and onto a t-shirt, even though I can’t remember much else from that night. I do vaguely remember modeling the t-shirts for a bar room full of people…and changing shirts whilst in the bar……..

Shame on me!

UBetcha Apparel "Prairie Princess" tank with custom UBetcha Apparel tutu!

UBetcha Apparel "Prairie Princess" tank with custom UBetcha Apparel tutu!

You can see and purchase the UBetcha Apparel “Prairie Princess” tee through the UBetcha Apparel website.

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