UBetcha Apparel – “Story Behind the Design…”

It’s been a little while since I did a “Story Behind the Design…” post. Mainly because I don’t want to bore you all with “UBetcha this” & “UBetcha that”.

Today’s installment showcases the “Roughstock Authority” line of tee’s.


Roughtstock Authority is the main tee design for what will be three separate lines. One for bull riders, one for bronc riders, and one for saddle bronc riders. The caption under “Roughstock Authority” outlines what the sport is all about.

Roughstock: Broncs & Bulls
Authority: Expert on a subject

Enough said really. Each line will have follow in the footsteps of the initial shirt designs, “Roughstock Authority”. The first out will be “Bull Authority”. Look for it this December.

Essentially the design came about early one morning when I was trying to figure out a way to define what UBetcha Apparel & the attitude slogan meant for guys riding in rough stock events. Essentially, I’ve always enjoyed saddle bronc and it’s definitely my favorite event. I really want UBetcha Apparel to be a definition of the sport of rodeo and starting with one of the events that brought rodeo into what it is today, seemed like the best place to start with the “Roughstock Authority” line.

Have a great Monday!


P.S. Clicking on the photo above will take you directly to the “Roughstock Authority” tee in the UBetcha Apparel store.

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