UBetcha Apparel – “Story Behind the Design…”

I’ve been debating with myself for the better part of a week which design I should start the “Story Behind the Design…” Series with. In an earlier post I gave a brief history on UBetcha Apparel and mentioned I’d write about each individual design, one at a time. Here’s the first installment.

It’s been a difficult task to choose one, mainly because as I think on each design, it brings up old memories and stories. Essentially that’s the purpose or thought behind each design. I want someone to look at one of the designs, and have one of those old memories come springing forward and for a moment, you get lost. That’s what telling stories does for each of us, in one way or another.

With this being said, I’m going to start with the “Cowboys Don’t Linedance, Buckaroos Won’t Even Watch!” Men’s T-Shirt. I’ve revamped this item. Initially there was an image that went along with it, but I’ve taken that out and went for only the words. I felt this was a more direct approach to a very serious topic.

When I first started dating my ex, back in 2001, he was working for a cutting horse trainer in the Bitterroot Valley near Corvallis Montana. Now, if any of you have been to the Bitterroot Valley you’ll know that there’s a pretty good buckaroo following in that area. And, if you are slightly aware of the difference between a cowboy and a buckaroo, you’ll get the underlying meaning of this design. If not, it’s still pretty easy to understand the staunchness of a buckaroo. Not to say that they don’t have a good laugh, but there’s just some things you don’t do…Linedancing is one of them.

I spent quite a bit of time in the Bitterroot Valley that first summer we were dating. One night, a bunch of us went out to the Plumb Loco bar in Stevensville. Upon stepping foot in the bar, the ex turns around and walks back out. “wwwhhhhooooooBetcha! RT this for your chance to win with http://inaminiskirt.com. @UBetcha_Apparel #trickortweet” I take a peek inside and notice they are line dancing and immediately understand why he’s leaving. Was pretty funny to see a group of buckaroos high tail it outta there. The whole time I’m watching this and hearing “Cowboys Don’t Linedance and Buckaroo’s won’t even watch!” They were pretty emphatic about it. Every time I think about that, it brings to mind that memory and I can see the disgust on their faces. Cracks me up!

July 1st you will be able to purchase both of these items from www.oubetcha.com.

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