Valentia Paris Wine Glasses – Review – #ValentinaParis


Awhile back I received a set of wine glasses from Valentina Paris to review. Upon receiving the glasses, I noticed one of the glasses had a small chip in it, which wasn’t large, but was enough of a concern that I emailed the company and notified them of the chip. The company did reply and indicated their dismay at the fact that the item that was shipped was chipped. They also refunded my purchase price and also indicated that they’d be sending a replacement whenever they were back in stock.

I’m still waiting. I’ve emailed the company several times. I received one response, but since then have received nothing. Obviously, I didn’t want to leave a negative review in regards to an item I received, but at the same time I want to take the time to review the product, and allow my reader to make their own judgement based on my experience. Since I received a refund I do have to give the company props for doing what’s right, however, they didn’t actually follow through completely by sending a replacement.

Either way, the glasses are lovely and would make a perfect Christmas or house warming gift. I love the detail and the size of the glasses – They are VERY tall. The colors in the hand painted aspect of the glasses are very crisp and compliment any color of wine. They stems are a bit delicate, so they aren’t something I’ll be using every day.

Valentina Paris Wine Glasses Review

If you are interested in purchasing, they can be found at Amazon. As of this post they are currently unavailable and I’ve yet to be able to receive any contact from the company. #ValentinaParis


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