Warning – This post is probably for female eyes only – #FreshIsFierce

Good Morning Ladies,
(And guys if you’re still reading)

If you’re not aware, I’m part of the Influenster community, which is a fun way of getting to try out new products, review them, and tell the world about them.

Sometimes telling the world about new products means you have to step outside of your comfort zone. I had a hard time deciding if I was actually going to write a review for this product or not. Lets be honest, discussing “feminine products” isn’t something we normally do in mixed company. Heck, I don’t even do it in same sex company. Of course, when the majority of your friends are male, and having that “BFF” female friend hasn’t ever been something you’ve had, talking about girl stuff just isn’t part of your repertoire of friendly discussions. My sister, on the other hand, is about as close to a BFF as I’ll probably ever come, and sometimes I’d like to strangle her. I doubt that’s abnormal in a sister relationship.

Anyway, back to the task at hand.

Liners. Panty liners. Hate ’em, right? Me too!

(There is sound in the video below, so if you’re rocking out to some Linkin Park or something…I don’t want to interfere with your tunes.)

Either they don’t stay put and bunch up in all the wrong places. Or they stick too well and it takes a super hero act of strength to remove them. By far, the worst aspect for me was that they are always scented with a cloyingly, sweet, baby power scent that just doesn’t make anyone overly excited about using them. And I might be the only person who gets tired of feminine products always being packaged in pink, purple or some other obnoxiously loud colored wrapper or box. ERMAHGOSH! I once had an extremely embarrassing “throw my panty liner out there for the world to see when I pulled cash out of my back pocket” episode in front of bar room full of cowboys in Dayton Wyoming. I was razzed for months. It was bright pink. I still hate pink to this day.

Carefree Liners and their #FreshIsFierce campaign didn’t do much in changing my pink phobia. However, I do have to say their liner is superb. Although it does come in a white wrapper, with pink flowers, it’s a great product all around. I really appreciated that there were not two parts to the sticky backing stuff. You know what I’m talking about. How it’s got the wrapper, and stuck to the wrapper is the backing for the sticky stuff. Hate that. These are also very thin, but have plenty of absorbency without that nasty baby power scent. The packaging did say it controlled odors for 8 hours. Bonus! I also noticed that they have the CAREFREE Promise. Try it for 21 days and if you’re not satisfied they’ll replace or refund your purchase. This liner also felt like cotton, rather than paper, which is another complaint I typically have with other liners. I did notice that within about 4 hours of wear, the top layer sort of starts to separate from the other layers. I’d like to see a bit of a better “quilt” job. I’m not a fan of wearing a liner for more than 4 hours, but that’s just me.  I’m also looking forward to the fact that these would be perfect for postpartum in say weeks 4-6. Probably will be great during pregnancy as well.

All in all I’d have to give these a “VERY GOOD” rating. I’m deducting because they are pink, and because of the top layer separating. I’m guessing there’s a reason for this, but frankly having a liner stick to your lady parts isn’t any fun. Ya Know! Want more information? Here’s a link to Carefree’s “Fresh Is Fierce” site that’s got tips, tricks, and ways you can bring out your FIERCE side. Or maybe you’d rather hide it? No judgement here.

Hate spending your hard earned dollars on silly stuff like a panty liner. Carefree’s got you covered! COUPINS, as my husband jokingly refers to them. Not sure where to purchase? Just about ANYWHERE! But if you need a detailed, pinpointed location – Carefree has you covered on that front as well. Locations! (I tried finding locations around my zip code, but got a message saying the service isn’t available. I’ve emailed Carefre and hopefully they’ll have a solution. Let me know if it doesn’t direct you to a store.)

Also, I wanted to leave all you women with a bit of a giggle. Men – they are so clueless sometimes. Watch this short video from Carefree – Guy’s attempting to explain women’s beauty routines. High-Larry-ous!

*I was given complimentary product in exchange for my honest opinion. All view points, stories and images are my own.

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