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Is everyone excited for the weekend? I most certainly am. I’ll be traveling to Cody Wyoming tomorrow, and will of course be snapping photos along the way. I’ll be visiting Cody for the Style West: A Fine Western Market of Fashion, Art and Interiors shows. I’m very excited to see all of the wonderful items being brought as well as having the opportunity to meet several people as well.

However, today’s post is not about this fantastic event. It is, however, about wheat, and a local Montana farm who’s taken their farming and baking experiences to a higher level.

Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery

Wheat Montana Farms & Bakeries headquarters isn’t far from my families farm. Roughly 40 miles. My family has grown wheat for the last 15 years on and off, and on many occasions we grind our own wheat into flour. This is by far my 1st choice when I bake. Nothing says “homemade” like; Home Ground Wheat.

However, there are occasions, when I run low on the home ground wheat, and I have to substitute. I don’t substitute with anything but Wheat Montana Flour. I love it. And no, Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery isn’t paying me for this post, nor do they have any clue who I am. I doubt they ever will.

There are three specific reason I use Wheat Montana Flour. 1.) I know where it’s being grown. 2.) It’s a Montana made product & 3.) I love their marketing, advertising and branding. It’s down to earth, yet very modern, catchy and clean, all of which are qualities I try desperately to obtain in all my own design projects.

If you’ve seen Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery items in your grocery store, and never tried then, I suggest you do so today. Try baking with it, or just make a yummy sandwich with some of the Potato Buttermilk bread. With Turkey. And bacon. And Avocado. And yes…I insist!

Have a fantastic weekend.

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